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Hi there! I’m Lyne Raff, a headshot and personal branding photographer based in southeast Texas.  I have been a professional photographer since 2005, and with over 15 years of experience, I have had everything in front of my camera from pets and horses to cars and executives. 


I come from a background in publishing and fine arts, so I'm much more than just another shoot'n'burn photographer.  I am a trained specialist that's here to help you elevate your success through professionally photographed and presented images of you--at the best You there is.

I work with professionals who approach their own work and careers with creativity, innovation, and energy.  Having that perspective is crucial in the business world--but how do you convey that in a photograph? How do you show 'approachable, confident, and professional' in a photograph?


But wait, What If?....What if you feel like you are not photogenic, and hate being photographed? What if you hate every picture ever taken of you?

That’s where I come in.  It's my job to handle all of that for you!  I know how to light faces, how to pose people, and how to use the camera to get the best version of you that there is.

And that's the real reason you need me as your professional headshot photographer!

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