Novelisto shoot

Houston, Tx

Novelisto D is a gorgeous Andalusian stallion owned by Waller Farms.  If you haven't heard of him, you may have seen him--he was the magical horse in the movie Winter's Tale with Colin Farrell and Russell Crowe.

Listo's owner, Ashley Waller of Waller Farms, needed specific action shots for large location posters, brochures, and promotional pieces. 

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Ronald McDonald House

Kids & Movie Horse

Katy, Tx

Novelisto D, the beautiful Andalusian stallion owned by Waller Farms, is a movie star!  "Listo" was cast in the movie Winter's Tale, to play Athansor--  a magical horse angel that transports Colin Farrell's character back and forth in time.  In real life, this horse is just as wonderful.  I have had the privilege of knowing the Waller family for many years and am so pleased to be along on their journey with this amazing horse.

As the film Winter's Tale premiered in 2014, Waller Farms took Listo to Katy, Tx for a meet-n-greet with kids from the local Ronald McDonald House, a wonderful charity that provides lodging for families of children in long-term hospital care.  Many of them are undergoing chemo, recovering from trauma, or awaiting organ donation.

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Caisson Platoon, Arlington Cemetery

Washington, D.C.

The Arlington shoot I was really honored to do.  In 2009 I was invited to visit the company a the stables in Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D.C. to interview the soldiers who perform honor funerals for military (and some civilian) personnel. It was a moving experience, but not in the way I thought it would be.

I brought with me a fellow photographer that I have done several projects with, Juliet Harrison.  Juliet is an internationally known and respected fine art photographer, for film as well as digital work.  She is my soul sister on many different levels!

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Novelisto at Breyerfest

Lexington, KY

Novelisto D, movie horse extraordinaire!  Not only was he a fabulous star, he got to be immortalized in plastic as a Breyer horse.  He was invited to be a special guest performer at their annual event, Breyerfest, held each year in Lexington, KY.

For this project, Listo's owner, Ashley Waller, took him to Lexington for the event and Listo did massive meet-n-greets, exhibitions, and handshakes for solid days.  It was an intense trip with about 10,000 very excited fans who were dying to meet him.

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Diablo DC at Breyerfest

Lexington, KY

Diablo DC is a stunning Lusitano gelding owned by Waller Farms.  He's one of the top Working Equitation champions in the US, and a natural to be immortalized in plastic by Breyer.  He is Waller Farms' second horse to be showcased as a Breyer model, and horse people know this is a real honor!

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