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I Heart Photography 2023

I Heart Photography  'Bugtography'

Below is a list of equiment, items, and links discussed in the workshop I gave at IHeart 2023.  Hope you will find this list helpful, and thank you for attending!


Equipment list:

Macro Lens (1:1 or more), find your style and budget fit.  Remember that the higher the magnification, the smaller the area of focus will be with a macro lens.  (In other words, the bigger the magnification, the more images you will need to stack to get everything in focus.)


Flash + Diffuser (on camera)

Neewer 2 pack bi color 660 LED video light and stand kit​

Macro station  XYK Helping Hands Soldering station (macro station)

Drawing tablets (will save your hands if you edit lots of photos, trust me)


Image Stacking:

Focusing rails (for image stacking--and you get what you pay for here.  Cheap ones are not solid and will move/shift and ruin your shots.  These are good starting point rails)

  • NiSi Macro Focusing Rail NM-180 

  • Kirk LRP-3 Multipurpose Rail

  • Leofoto MP-180S Macro Focusing Rail

  • SunwayFoto MFR-150D

Stacking software​

  • Helios

  • Zerene

Lyne's Gear:

Photo the bugs: 

Light the bugs:​

  • Godox TT685

  • AK Diffuser

  • MagMod diffuser

  • Godox AD200 +Neewer Octagonal 36"

  • Neewer Panel LED / Neewer 2 pack bi color 660 LED video light and stand kit

  • Light Painting Pen lights

Get the bugs:​

Other stuff:


Inspirational Links:

Micael Widell on Photography - YouTube 

Stewart Wood Macro Photography setup Macro Photography Setup! | Indoors and Outdoors!!! - YouTube

Stewart Wood Macro home 

John Hallman's tips How to improve your insect photography | Popular Photography (

Levon Biss (the absolute master of this process!)

Dennis Teichert   Macro Photography

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