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Professional headshots

for websites, LinkedIn, Social Media, & Promotion

Hi!  I'm glad you're here!


Because you're probably wondering--what can a professional headshot do for you?

Answer: Everything. It is simply the best way to present yourself to your customers or your audience by showing you as confident and approachable.  Getting a professionally-taken headshot can give you a library of excellent images of yourself to use for your website, your press releases, your printed materials, and more.  If you're asking that question, you need one.

And you might ask--"Why not just get my friend who has a good camera to do the same thing for free?"  Sure, you can do that.  But it won't be awesome.  I promise you.

A professional photographer is someone trained in how to make people look great.  I'll make sure you stand out from today's ocean of bad profile pics and selfies.  A selfie will NEVER take you where you deserve to go. If you want to look like the professional that you are, you need coaching from a professional headshot photographer. 

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