What's the difference between professional products and what you can get from drug store or "photobook" printers?

One word---Quality.

These are the products I use for presenting my work.  I look for the highest quality I can offer my clients, because there is no reason to settle for less.  Think of all the time and effort put into your images, about how you want them to last with no fading of colors, no loss of detail, about how you want them to be able to last for decades and decades to come.  As an artist, I believe the work we create deserves that.

And as a professional, I believe YOU deserve that from the images I'll make.

These are products printed and presented the  best they can be, period.  Handmade albums and museum-quality, archival inks and papers are the only things I use.  They'll look great in five years, or 100.  Walgreen's and Winkflash can't say that.  And believe me, the inexpensive print houses won't feel like a bargain any more when images of your loved ones are unrecognizable because the printing or the paper have deteriorated.

I have studio samples of the products I can offer that I can bring to show you at our session. Contact me for more info if you have questions.

Complete list of the products I offer:

  • Prints (luster surface or art paper) starting at $20

  • Canvas 2.5" wrap, starting at $90 

  • Albums (photo cover, cloth, or leather) starting at $200

  • 3x3" Accordion pocket album, starting at $25

  • Deckle edge prints (framing available!) starting at $200

  • Folio box with matted prints collecction starting at $500

  • Framed prints and canvases start at $275!

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