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social media mgt


Art Horse Magazine / Facebook (2009-2019)

Concepts and exposure, scheduling of eye-catching entertainment-type posts and promotional posts to announce mail-out dates for issues and availability of products (wearables).  Engaged community with attractively-presented videos for sharing, and organized outreach to other Facebook pages that dovetailed with upcoming articles (such as museums for historical articles, artist groups to generate enthusiasm for contests, etc).  Managed monthly budget of ad purchases and demographic stats to generate traffic to main Art Horse website store.  Result was a total of approximately 22k loyal followers during 2009-2019.

Beaumont Camera Club / Facebook & Instagram (2019-current, Volunteer position)

Goal was to re-invigorate the club official public page from very low numbers.  Helped grow all stats through various projects including Weds Photo Of The Week, updated announcements of meetings, and timely, more welcoming posts to show member activities.  Created an Instagram account for the club and post weekly images.  Organic growth of the Facebook page has gone from only a few dozen followers to approx 1100.  Posts now regularly achieve likes in the 5k range.

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